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CareerSidekick Q&A: Ageism insights for Gen X and Baby Boomer job seekers

I recently spoke with CareerSidekick regarding real strategies for fighting ageism in the job search.

Key takeaways include:

Overcoming Ageism: Gen X and Baby Boomer professionals can counter ageism by creating succinct resumes, highlighting key career achievements, and actively using LinkedIn for promotion.

Leveraging Experience: Older professionals need to showcase their experience’s impact and quantify achievements to underline their potential in future roles.

Effective Networking: Combine in-person and virtual networking, like connecting with alumni and casual conversations, to facilitate career transitions.

Adapting to Job Market Evolution: Maintaining an updated LinkedIn profile and being mindful of contemporary resume formats are essential in today’s job landscape.

Evolution in Networking: The shift from traditional Rolodexes to digital platforms like LinkedIn has significantly expanded professional networking opportunities.

Online Networking Tactics: Engage in LinkedIn activities, such as commenting and connecting with alumni or former colleagues, for expanding career opportunities.

Digital Relationship Building: Foster professional relationships online by adding value through recommendations, posts, or direct messages.

Continuous Learning for Career Success: Emphasize continuous learning, focusing on emerging technologies and human-centric skills, and utilize free online courses for staying relevant and competitive.

You can read the entire article here.

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