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Does your resume need a fancy template?

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Fancy resume templates, graphics, background colors, special fonts, or some other sort of gimmick are not the best way to get a potential employer's attention (and more importantly, get hired).

In the past month, I've talked with job seekers who have tried all of the above and more to try to "get attention." Not all of these folks were looking for roles at external companies - some were even trying for internal promotions at large Fortune 500 employers.

My advice for you: instead of using a fancy template or some other "attention-getting" technique, take the time to think about what transferable skills you have and the tangible, quantified results you can offer.

Recruiters and hiring managers want real evidence that you can do the job and the best way to demonstrate your capabilities is to quantify your results. Yes, you can figure this out whether you are a CEO or Office Assistant — you’ll just need to take some time to brainstorm (or potentially estimate) the value that you have added to your organization. Examples include:

* Processed 1500 applications in 12 months …

* Improved test scores by 10% YOY…

* Managed $100,000 project …

* Directed 5 employees ….

* Taught 100 students in 5 years ....

* Trained 75 Army personnel ....

* Slashed expenses by $50,000 ….

* Boosted efficiency by 15% ….

Let your results and impact do the talking here!

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